Exactly two years ago, ZETOR — in collaboration with the Italian studio Pininifarina — introduced the entire agricultural world to its vision of a new tractor design.

The design concept perfectly linked elegance, passion and emotion with the performance, functionality and endurance of a farm tractor.

Two years have passed since the future was glimpsed, and now in 2017 it is actually arrived with the introduction of the first tractor in the new series design — the ZETOR MAJOR.

The idea for a new ZETOR tractor design was born with a clear aim — to create a product with a strong aesthetic value and to present a new iconic vision of the ZETOR brand, one that reflected the company’s values. The new design concept combines distinctive features which are being gradually implemented across all model ranges of ZETOR tractors. In their work, the designers have managed to elegantly combine the robustness of a farm machine with an attractive and emotionally tuned design. The final design represents PRACTICALITY, EMOTIONS and the FUTURE.


The new design expresses the values and characteristic features of the ZETOR brand, including endurance, dependability and a smart solution. These particular values are reflected in the new style.

The new design highlights the power, performance and energy of ZETOR tractors, while simultaneously creating a strong emotional charge.

The bonnet, roof and mudguards wrap or cover the mechanical components of the machine and become inseparable parts of the vehicle. Everything has been conceived and designed in such a way that the machine operator has a great view from the tractor, that the lights better illuminate the space in front of and around the machine during work, that the mudguards catch all the flying clods of earth when driving, that the bonnet provides air supply from the surroundings so that the drive unit and other tractor systems are correctly cooled. Thermal and noise insulation elements are integrated in some parts. Roof elements support the cab tightness, thus increasing the user’s comfort.


The new design gives ZETOR a deeper emotional experience full of sensuality and modernity.

The design line expresses a combination of performance, dynamics and emotions and, at the same time, it retains both the usefulness and practicality of working machines — which these tractors indisputably are.

The new concept links individual elements into a modular design, which can be transferred to other model ranges of ZETOR tractors. The typical colour red, which ZETOR tractors proudly bear, highlights the passionate link between tractors and agriculture.

The final design is characteristic, with strong shapes and a strong surface. The literally iconic front of the tractor has a unique design — the gradual inclination of the bonnet towards the front highlights speaks sensuality and embodies graceful movement, like a predator poised to spring.


The introduction of the new design in the MAJOR tractors model range is only the next step in a longer sequence. Gradually, all model ranges of tractors will be given a new design. Along with the application of the new design, work continues on the modernization and extension of the product portfolio. Together in a new form — forward faster.

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